Featured on Shutterfly: 75 Baby Room Themes

I have some exciting news to share with y’all! Darcy Oliver Design was featured on Shutterfly’s 75 Baby Room Themes! Shutterfly featured Cosette’s Mermaid Themed Nursery for small spaces, and you can view Cosette’s entire Nursery here. If you are … Continue reading

Nursery Design : Mermaid Themed Decor

We welcomed our Little Mermaid on 1.20.15, and during her long awaited arrival I was hard at work on her Mermaid Themed Nursery. A lot of the decor was used at the Mermaid Themed Baby Shower (photos coming soon), and the most important plan was to maximize the space. The master bedroom turned nursery was thoughtfully planned out with multipurpose pieces combined with hidden storage.
mermaid nursery-Darcy Oliver Design
The vintage pieces used such as the long dresser house her clothes, diapers, and linens while also acting as a changing table. I set up a canvas basket that was a gift at my baby shower as her diaper changing station, and simply placed the changing pad on top of the dresser. Her vintage inspired Jenny Lind crib is smaller in scale compared the larger and bulkier cribs that you may see at most baby stores. The space under the crib is valuable space. Purchase long, plastic containers at Target or Walmart to store clothes, diapers, wipes, and linens, and you can store 3 of these containers under the crib.
small space design-Darcy Oliver Design

Her bassinet by the bed is where she sleeps until she is ready to be transitioned into her crib, and I cannot express how nice it is to have her close by for nighttime feedings in bed. During the daytime I nurse her in our reclining swivel Glider from Babies R Us, and this 3 Tiered Cart is perfect for storing burp cloths, bibs, nursing pads, and her accessories in cute boxes that store perfectly in this cart from IKEA. Having items accessible while you are nursing is key to relaxing while bonding with your baby.
jenny lind crib, glider, nursery-Darcy Oliver Design

I carefully chose items that she can grow into, and I did not buy into the matchy matchy crib bedding. I simply chose items that complimented the vintage style, and purchased a soft mint throw blanket and throw pillows at Home Goods. Have fun with your baby’s nursery, and functional pieces can also be stylish!
mermaid themed nursery-Darcy Oliver Design

changing table, vintage dresser-Darcy Oliver Design

changing station, baby girl-Darcy Oliver Design

crib bedding, mermaid, jenny lind crib-Darcy Oliver Design

DIY Twine Wrapped Letters & Branch Sign

One of my best girlfriends is having a baby boy! Once I found out what his sweet little name was, I was all over this Birch Branch Sign with Twine Wrapped Letters! His Nursery is going to have a rustic yet modern appeal, and I cannot wait to see the whole design come together.
Birch Branch & Twine Letters Sign-Darcy Oliver Design

You can create this DIY Twine Wrapped Letters & Birch Branch Sign, or simply hang the letters on the wall without the branch. There are few supplies that you can pick up at your local craft and floral supply stores, and depending on how many letters you wrap, I discovered that one letter took me about an hour to wrap. The “N” and the “A” were the hardest to wrap, and I double wrapped all of the letters to give them a complete look without any gaps.
Supplies for Twine Letters-Darcy Oliver Design

The key is to wrap the twine tight, and be sure to Hot Glue as you go! If your Wooden Letters have a similar “extended block” type font, I found cutting around 5-6 3″ pieces of Twine, and then gluing them to the ends allowed for the letters to be completely wrapped in Twine. Once you Hot Glue those little pieces, you can then begin to wrap around them and the rest of the letter with the Twine. I used around 3 1/2 Small Rolls of Twine from Michaels, and I would not recommend using anything smaller than a 6″-8″ Wood Letter (also from Michaels). The small opening for the “A” was especially hard to fit the roll through, or simply cut a really long piece of Twine to ensure you wrap around the opening.
Twine Letter-Darcy Oliver Design

Before & After: Residential Design

When it comes to Kitchen Design, we incorporate elements of your preferred style and home decor to create a cohesive space.  In this particular residence, the kitchen opens up to an eat in kitchen area and family room.  We considered all elements of the rest of the interior which we had previously designed.

The kitchen was lightened up with new white cabinetry, and we created a focal point with Ann Sacks Ming Green installed in a Herringbone Pattern, combined with Mini White Thassos Mosaic to keep a clean and simple look.  We chose to repeat the Herringbone Pattern on the floor with custom White Washed Oak Planks.  The minty green color wrapped the walls in Grasscloth, and the Island incorporated a Ming Green Slab on dark cabinets.  This gave the look of a piece of furniture paired with custom designed bar stools upholstered in raspberry faux Ostrich.

Our clients wanted to keep the plaid sofas, and we selected a fabric to tie in all of the colors in the house in a traditional Jacobean Print. This fabric was used for custom made cornice boxes, and tie back draperies.  These were the main design elements that were utilized to create a harmonious living space.

You will notice that Before, the kitchen was dark and outdated:
Before Kitchen-Darcy Oliver Design

Before Kitchen-Darcy Oliver Design

The After photos reveal a much brighter, updated, and cheerful environment.

White Kitchen-Darcy Oliver Design
Herringbone Pattern-Darcy Oliver Design
backsplash-Darcy Oliver Design
Herringbone Backsplash, Ann Sacks-Darcy Oliver Design
Grasscloth-Darcy Oliver Design
Vintage Chandelier-Darcy Oliver Design
Interior Design-Darcy Oliver Design
Kitchen Island-Darcy Oliver Design