She Leaves A Little Sparkle Wherever She Goes : First Birthday Party

What a year it has been, our sweet baby girl turned One! We celebrated with family and friends with a “She Leaves a Little Sparkle Wherever She Goes” themed First Birthday Party! It could not have been a more perfect day to celebrate our little mermaid. Continue reading


Fall & Holiday Gift Baskets

I love that Fall is in the air, and the pumpkin spice goodies that go along with it! I created this Fall Gift Basket for my client, and they are giving this champagne and treats basket as a gift to a newly married couple. They loved the way it all came together, and we loved creating it! We are wanting to let you know that now is the perfect time of year to start planning for your holiday events and gifts!

We are here to help with Corporate Events, Holiday Parties, Weddings, and Custom Gift Basket Services. From party planning services to custom gift options, we can help with the shopping, floral arrangements, and design. Not only can we deck your halls, we will bring the holiday spirit with us. Check out some of our Holiday Decor & Parties. We will soon be offering professional Photography Services, Molly Dillon Photography, along with our event planning services, making your event flawless and beautiful. Contact Us today, and we can help ease you into the holidays!
Custom Gift Basket-Darcy Oliver Design
Owl Gift Basket-Darcy Oliver Design
Fall Owl Gift-Darcy Oliver Design

Haunted Halloween Soiree Decor & Costume Ideas

Our 5th Annual Halloween Soiree was a success this past weekend, and here’s a look inside the Haunted House and all the ghouls and gals that joined us! Between the webs, fog, Ouija Board, and spooky lighting, you can take these tips and incorporate them into your Halloween decor! Click on the Images Below to View the Whole Haunted Halloween Soiree Gallery!

Surprise Your Partner :: DIY Pregnancy Announcement

When you and your partner decide to start a family, you both are excited, nervous, and even scared of the unknown. The one thing you do know is that your love is so great that you want to share it with a child of your own. This special time in your life is like nothing you’ve experienced before, just like being in love for the first time.

Share those butterflies with your partner by surprising him or her with the same excitement you felt when you saw that positive pregnancy test. If you are a horrible secret keeper, this may not be the approach for you, but I only had to wait a few hours! This Pregnancy Announcement is something you prep before you know you are pregnant, but for heaven’s sake do not torture yourself by waiting too long to tell your partner. I did have a silent scream in the mirror when I found out, and did a little dance in the bathroom…had to be discreet with my husband in the next room.

This DIY project is something that you and your partner will remember forever, so choose items that mean something. My husband and I met in Franklin, TN., 20 twenty minutes South of Nashville. We now live back in my hometown San Diego, so I wanted to mesh places that mean something to us.

My husband is Johnny Cash’s biggest fan, and has always said, “when we have a baby, he or she will wear a Johnny Cash onesie”. Hello Amazon, and a week later this adorable “Crawl the Line” onesie arrives. Now to mesh San Diego with Nashville. Home Goods is a Designer’s Secret BFF. I discovered this sea themed Secret Book Box, and it would fit the onesie perfectly. Then all you need is to write a little note announcing you are pregnant, wrap it up pretty, and voila!

I took my husband to our spot in La Jolla where we carved our initials when we first moved here together. I then “took his picture” on my phone, while video taping the entire reaction. Cost of these items for the DIY Pregnancy Announcement: $25.00. My husband’s reaction when he found out I am pregnant: Priceless.
Surprise Gift, DIY, Pregnant, Baby Announcement-Darcy Oliver Design
Pregnancy Announcement, Baby, Johnny Cash, Onesie-Darcy Oliver Design

Woodland Animal Themed Baby Shower

Whether one of your girlfriend’s or sister is having a boy or girl, this adorable Woodland Animal Themed Baby Shower is a perfect way to shower the mama-to-be in your life! From a previous post, this DIY Twine Letter & Branch Sign was made for my girlfriend’s nursery, and we decided it would act as the inspiration for the Baby Shower.

Going along with the rustic and whimsical approach, we added white Manzanita Trees donned with little Birds, and added Moss & Forest Animals to dress up the tablescape. The Bunting on top of the tiered cake was made with real twigs, and reflected the same colors and design on the invitation. We served up S’More Pops, Tea Sandwiches, and healthy snacks too! From the Sign In table to wishing the mama-to-be well with words of advice on vintage tags, we made sure to pay attention to the little details to make it extra special and memorable.

We played Guess the Baby Bump Size, and the all time favortie…Poopy Diaper Game! Everyone was a great sport, and we all got a few laughs out of it. For the Winners, we offered a Mustache Cup filled with a Starbuck’s Gift Card instead of something silly that your guests will never use such as a baby bottle…do we look like toddlers? I recommend giving your guests something they can use!

The Sugar Scrub Favors for the guests were also made with love consisting of a few simple ingredients, and I will post on how we DIY’d it later! Wishing my sweet friend and her husband love and well wishes as they welcome their baby boy soon!

Woodland Themed Baby Shower-Darcy Oliver Design

Woodland Themed Baby Shower

Baby Shower Cake & Bunting-Darcy Oliver Design

Baby Shower Cake & Bunting

S'More Pops & Snacks

S’More Pops & Snacks

Rustic Cake & Decor-Darcy Oliver Design

Rustic Cake & Decor

Vintage Wishing Tree & Tags-Darcy Oliver Design

Vintage Wishing Tree & Tags

Rustic Baby Shower-Darcy Oliver Design

Sugar Scrub Favors-Darcy Oliver Design

Sugar Scrub Favors

Sign In Table, Hydrangeas-Darcy Oliver Design

Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Gifts-Darcy Oliver Design

Baby Shower Gifts, Baby Photos-Darcy Oliver Design

Baby Shower Gifts

Spring is in the Air :: Gardening & DIY Spring Wreath

New buds are flowering, and the sweet aroma of Jasmine permeates the air. Springtime is for renewal and gardening! By freshening up your garden with new blooms, or simply cleaning up your yard is a fun and healthy activity to take in the fresh air and get your blood pumping this Spring.

Recently I just planted a small flower bed to brighten up the entrance to my home, as we all know the first impression lasts! By creating a tiered flower bed, you are able to get the light in where the plants need it, and you are able to show off some of the smaller plants and flowers that wish to be seen. I tilled the soil, and laid down around 4-6″ of new soil before I planted my Ornamental Grass in the back, then Lavender (perfect for future DIY projects & floral arrangements), Ornamental Cabbage, and finally to skirt the flower bed I planted the white and airy Alyssum.

I then added Pea Gravel instead of Mulch, as Mulch tends to “fly” away with the wind, and Pea Gravel keeps the soil moist without drying out the soil on hot summer days. I also added some Larger Mexican Pebbles where the eaves create to much shade for plants to grow, and the bonus is they look tidy and contemporary!
spring, yard, home decor, flowers-Darcy Oliver Design

Spring is also the time for Home Projects! One simple way to freshen up your home’s first impression is to hang a Spring Wreath. I purchased this dried Wine Vine Wreath at San Diego Florist Supply, along Design Master 24K Gold Spray Paint (seriously the best gold spray paint with most coverage & sheen). I also found a Mossy Garland wrapped around wire, and delicately wrapped my Gold Wreath for a Spring & organic inspired look. Voila! Spring is making a comeback here at my house, how about yours?
Spring Gold Wreath-Darcy Oliver Design

DIY Twine Wrapped Letters & Branch Sign

One of my best girlfriends is having a baby boy! Once I found out what his sweet little name was, I was all over this Birch Branch Sign with Twine Wrapped Letters! His Nursery is going to have a rustic yet modern appeal, and I cannot wait to see the whole design come together.
Birch Branch & Twine Letters Sign-Darcy Oliver Design

You can create this DIY Twine Wrapped Letters & Birch Branch Sign, or simply hang the letters on the wall without the branch. There are few supplies that you can pick up at your local craft and floral supply stores, and depending on how many letters you wrap, I discovered that one letter took me about an hour to wrap. The “N” and the “A” were the hardest to wrap, and I double wrapped all of the letters to give them a complete look without any gaps.
Supplies for Twine Letters-Darcy Oliver Design

The key is to wrap the twine tight, and be sure to Hot Glue as you go! If your Wooden Letters have a similar “extended block” type font, I found cutting around 5-6 3″ pieces of Twine, and then gluing them to the ends allowed for the letters to be completely wrapped in Twine. Once you Hot Glue those little pieces, you can then begin to wrap around them and the rest of the letter with the Twine. I used around 3 1/2 Small Rolls of Twine from Michaels, and I would not recommend using anything smaller than a 6″-8″ Wood Letter (also from Michaels). The small opening for the “A” was especially hard to fit the roll through, or simply cut a really long piece of Twine to ensure you wrap around the opening.
Twine Letter-Darcy Oliver Design

Homemade Super Green Juice, No Juicer Required!

If you are considering trying out a Juice Cleanse, but don’t want to spend upwards of $150 for a 1 to 3 Day Juice Cleanse like a lot of brands out there, then I have a solution for you on the cheap!  The additional bonus is you know exactly what is going into your juice, and no artificial sweeteners or concentrates are added.

I did a little research and found a lot of people in the same boat, and like me did not have a juicer!  Oh no!  Well, not to worry your little head, a juicer is not required to make Super Green Juice.  I tried making a few other juices like Beet & Carrot Juice, but honestly I was not able to make one that didn’t taste SO earthy.  The Beet & Carrot was not my favorite after drinking the Super Green Juice all day, and frankly I couldn’t stomach the smell.  I’ll just eat my beets, thank you.

The fab thing about the Super Green Juice is that it is actually delicious, and very similar (if not better) than the fancy juices sold at Whole Foods.  So here’s the skinny about Super Green Juice, it  is high in Iron and Vitamin K along with tons of antioxidants to fight free radicals that we are exposed to on a daily basis.  Kale is the main ingredient, and this is where we get most of the wholesome goodness, the lemon gives us the citrusy taste and Vitamin C, the Cucumber refreshes and hydrates us, the Green Apples give it some flavor and consistency, Bananas give us Potassium, while the Mint is also refreshing and makes your breath smell, well, minty fresh!  The Unsweetened Almond Milk helps keep us satiated during the cleanse, and the water helps mix it all together!

My experience was pleasant overall, and found that I was not bloated, felt lighter and brighter, but I did reduce my workout routine during the cleanse so that afterwards I drank 16 oz. of Super Green Juice and didn’t feel like I wanted to eat everything in sight!  The downside, but the natural point of the cleanse, is that you have to frequent the bathroom like nobody’s business.  In between the juice if I felt hungry I would heat up 2 cups of hot water, squeezed lemon and a couple of dashes of cayenne pepper.  This concoction acts as a probiotic and keeps you fuller longer.  I continue to make Super Green Juice as a meal replacement once a day, not only because it helps the digestion process, but it tastes so yummy!

Super Green Juice Ingredients

1 cup chopped kale

1 cup diced cucumber

1 fresh squeezed lemon

5-6 frozen banana slices

1 half of green apple, diced

5-6 chopped mint leaves

1/2 cup water

1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk


  1. After all ingredients are chopped and diced, add the leafy ingredients to the bottom first and then the bulkier ingredients and liquids last.  My layering process in the blender was : Kale, Mint, Cucumber, Apples, Bananas, squeeze the lemon over top, and add Water & Almond Milk.
  2. Put the Blender on HIGH and Liquefy until all ingredients are evenly blended and no chunks are present, about 2-3 minutes.
  3. Pour into a 16 oz. Glass and Enjoy!

DIY Chicken Wire Ghost

We have all seen this infamous Chicken Wire Ghost on Pinterest, but we did not find an easy DIY tutorial.  Seems like these Chicken Wire masters are keeping their secret safe in the coop.  We created a little spin off on the Chicken Wire Dress, and made a Chicken Wire & Mesh Ghost Bride.

Here’s our DIY Version, and it is all about trial and error (and your chicken wire pinching skills!)

  1. With one roll of Chicken Wire, unravel and unroll completely and decide on one end to be the bottom (keep the long wire that held the roll together and keep nearby).
  2. Create one large circle and turn upright.
  3. With wire cutters, cut about a 4″ piece of the long extra wire.
  4. Cut several pieces of this 4″ wire, and begin to tie the large tube of chicken wire together.
  5. Begin to create “pleats” at the top of the upright cylinder, while interweaving the long wire at the top.
  6. You will begin to create the skirt of the dress, and you will cinch the pleats together with the string.
  7. Cinch the waist as tight as possible, and bend in the pleats to make a circular waist.
  8. Twist the excess wire to hold the waist in place, and cut the remainder with wire cutters.
  9. You will then begin to mold the chicken wire, pushing and pulling at the skirt to create a circle and pleats, while pinching pleats down the skirt.
  10. With one roll of screen mesh, create another cylinder at the top of the skirt.
  11. Cut off the excess, and fold your piece of screen mesh in half.
  12. With the excess wire, lace up the back to create a freestanding cylinder.
  13. Pick up your skirt and place over the screen mesh cylinder.
  14. Reach through the hole and pull up the screen mesh to create the bodice.
  15. Move the bodice around, and pull up high enough to create the torso with the least amount of pleats possible.
  16. You can secure the bodice with extra pieces of wire, or fishing line.
  17. We added a flower to her waist, and found a left over scrap white material to add to the train of the skirt, and tied at waist.
  18. Add a flower, but before you add the material, spray paint the entire dress white with a can of white spray paint.
  19. Let the paint dry, and spray the dress with a can of Glow in the Dark spray paint (found at Michael’s).
  20. Lightly spray the skirt with the Glow in the Dark Spray paint as well.
  21. Let dry, add the skirt, and poof! your ghost bride is ready to haunt your lawn!!!