Missing Your Dad on Father’s Day

Something happened to me that changed my whole persona the day I found out my father passed away. The part of me that navigates through life lost all direction that day. I was a spinning compass. Continue reading


Newborn Photography with Molly Dillon Photography : San Diego, California

She’s here! Our sweet Scarlett Rhys was born on May 10th, weighing 6 lbs, 12 oz. and 19.5″ long. Our family is adjusting well as a family of four, and Molly Dillon Photography helped us capture some tender and precious moments at home. Continue reading

Maternity Photo Shoot with Molly Dillon Photography – Batiquitos Lagoon in San Diego, CA.

Before we welcome our precious little girl into the world, I wanted to capture the last moments of my pregnancy with a Maternity Photo Shoot with Molly Dillon Photography.  A woman’s body is capable of beautiful things, and it is even more amazing to experience a bond between mother and child before he or she is born.

While this pregnancy has been completely different than with my first child, the end of my third trimester is near.  It is bittersweet knowing that even though this time there have been highs and many lows, I am grateful for each growing second.

Before I became pregnant with our second daughter, we experienced many months of disappointment and a loss.  It comes without saying that a loss is something that is hard to bear, and the only way I was able to deal with it was through family, friends, and prayer.  Many healthy women experience a miscarriage, and most of the time it is unknown why it happens, but this does not make it any easier to deal.  Miscarriage can be a difficult subject for many to discuss, but the only solace one can take away from this situation is that you are not alone.

Holding onto my faith and hope for the future helped me cope with self-doubt, because I did feel a sense of guilt.  Was it my health issue, my age, my scar tissue, what???  You can torture yourself with unanswered questions.

Once I saw the two little pink lines again I held my breath for six weeks until I could get an ultrasound.  Then.  There.  It.  Was.  A strong heartbeat and a little gummy bear on the screen.  I finally could breathe a little.  I cried happy tears and sighed with relief.

From that moment on I experienced morning sickness all day long and fatigue, but I took it with stride knowing this little babe growing inside was healthy.  I won’t go into all the details of this pregnancy, but there were many scares including a brain cyst, placenta previa, vasa previa, and the possibility of a fatal birth defect.  I am scheduled for another cesarean section next month (unless she decides to show up early), and while it will be a hard recovery, it is the safest option for my baby and myself.

April is Cesarean Awareness Month, and no matter how you bring your baby into this world, you’d do anything to ensure their safety, even it means surgical intervention.  The first c section was not planned, but turned into a life or death situation.  While it was rushed and scary, I cried a sigh of relief when I saw my daughter for the first time.  Hearing that cry was music to my ears!

While it is hard to be patient when you are nervous and scared, I am finally settling into these last days with hope.  Hope that everything will go smoothly, and I am simply focusing on holding my sweet girl in my arms.  Sharing these photos is special to me, and represents how this journey has shaped me as a woman and a mother.  This little babe completes our family, and we are so ready to be a family of four as soon as you are my darling.

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Maternity Photography - Darcy Oliver Design

Maternity Photographer - Darcy Oliver Design

Maternity Photo Shoot - Darcy Oliver Design


Mother and Daughter - Darcy Oliver Design

Rouge & Bleu Rose and Wildflower Floral Crown - Darcy Oliver Design

Maternity Photography - Darcy Oliver Design

Letter Board Baby Name - Darcy Oliver Design


Maternity Fashion - Darcy Oliver Design

Baby Bump - Darcy Oliver Design

Mother and Father - Darcy Oliver Design




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Dia de los Muertos Soiree

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Forever Les Fleurs Custom Floral Crowns & Creations

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