Have Wedding Bouquet, Will Travel: Destination Weddings

If you are planning a destination wedding, or eloping in an off-the-grid location, I’ve got you covered. Not only will a silk floral bouquet pack well in a suitcase, you do not have to worry about it wilting on your way down the aisle…or a dreamy rock path to wed your beloved next to an enchanting waterfall.

Waterfall Wedding and Bouquet
Forever Les Fleurs: Floral Creations by Darcy Oliver Design

When Tara contacted me about her wedding bouquet, I asked her to send me some inspiration photos to get a sense of the style she desired. Wedding bouquets can come in all shapes and sizes, and organically shaped designs are currently on trend. After seeing her inspiration photos, I asked which flowers she preferred and what her wedding colors were.

I choose only the most realistic flowers, and this particular wedding bouquet called for that “just picked from the meadow” look. Her inspirational photos, and the current season, evoked an autumnal vibe as well. I found several wildflower options, ferns, foxtail, and vintage roses to tie into the mix. She also sent me an image of the groom’s tie, which was helpful in comparing the variety of blue wildflower options. Anything you have, such as your bridesmaid’s dress, the color of your shoes, or the groom’s bowtie is helpful in selecting colors that can be represented in your wedding bouquet!

inspiration photo
Inspiration Photos from Client
inspiration wedding bouquet photo

Wildflowers and Roses Floral Bouquet
Wildflowers and Roses Floral Bouquet: Forever Les Fleurs by Darcy Oliver Design

Contact me on my website or via my online shop at Forever Les Fleurs, and let’s get you married! Need a floral creation other than a bouquet(s)? Not a problem, I can create floral crowns for brides, bridesmaids, and flower girls, plus a variety of other floral creations for your celebration or event!

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