A Veteran’s Tale

Since I was young, my grandfathers would  gather my little sister and I around the fire during the holidays and tell us gallant tales of war, love, and comradeship.  I always remembered thinking, could I have been as brave?  From WWII stories driving a loaded tank amongst the people of his blood in Germany, to his valiant struggle saving injured soldiers and earning a Purple Heart, my Grandpa Schlueter served for the U.S. Army.  The true story of love and war was told by my Grandpa Davidson when he served for the US Navy during Pearl Harbor.  He met my Grandmother in Sydney, Australia, and only after knowing each other for two weeks before my Grandpa made it to Pearl Harbor, they knew.  After hundreds of love letters back and forth, my Grandmother made it to America on a ship where she was to wed her sailor.

Not only do our men and women who serve their country brave war and strife, life happens.  Love happens.  Lifelong friendships are made.  I knew that one day I would marry a man who was as brave and genuine as my grandfathers.  Just as unexpected as my grandparents’ romance, love happened for us too.  He was a bona fide man.  You can tell when you meet a Southern Gentleman, but you can also tell when you meet someone as brave as my grandfathers.  Even though my grandfathers were not able to be with us at our wedding this past summer, I know they had a hand in our meeting.  I couldn’t be more proud of my Sailor, and I know they were looking out for him even before we met.  God Bless all of our men and women who have served and are serving our Country, we are thinking of you today and reminding us all to be brave.
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