Jolly Holly Christmas Cake

Get in the Holiday Spirit and make your friends & family this Jolly Holly Cake for Christmas!  Not only does this cake look adorable, this bundt cake recipe is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
Holly Cake-Darcy Oliver Design

You can bake any cake recipe you’d prefer, but I went with an old stand-by and favorite in my household, the Holiday Funfetti Cake Mix! Pick up some Cherry Sours Candy & Mint Leaves from the grocery store, and if you’d prefer to make your own white cake mix be sure to pick up some red and green sprinkles for a Funfetti style! After you mix the cake, pour the cake mix into a greased Bundt Pan and follow your cake batter recipe for baking directions.

Holly Cake, Funfetti, Buttercream Frosting-Darcy Oliver Design

After your cake has completely cooled (about 45 mins) in the bundt pan, place a plate on top of the opening and flip the cake onto the plate.  Get your Mint Leaves ready by giving them a quick rinse and pat them dry, but ensure they are completely dry before you decorate your cake with them.

Use a White Buttercream Frosting recipe, and frost the entire cake (even inside the ring). Once your cake is frosted, start with the top of the cake and carefully place 2 Mint Leaves, and 3 Cherry Sours in a bunch. To create a ring around the bottom of the cake, carefully overlap and tuck the back of each leaf behind the other, and with your extra frosting, dab each cherry in it to ensure the cherry will stick to your Mint Leaves. Prop your cake on a pretty Red or White Cake Stand, and voila! your Jolly Holly Christmas Cake is complete!Wreath Cake-Darcy Oliver Design

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