Dia de los Muertos Soiree

sugar skull decor-darcyoliverdesign

Our annual Halloween party this year was inspired by Day of the Dead! Instead of a spooky and haunted themed party, we hosted a Dia de los Muertos Soiree! While our Soiree was all in good fun, we were inspired … Continue reading

What’s Trending: Rustic Elegance

Rustic Elegance is Trending in the Wedding World according to this past weekend’s Bridal Show at the Hyatt Regency in La Jolla, CA.  From Barn inspired ceremonies to Vintage Winery tablescapes, I discovered a lot of rental finds and awe inspiring floral arrangements!

Pucker your lips and sip on some Southern Lemonade, this particular wedding vignette had creative and sunny little details that made every bride-to-be swoon!bs2

Gorgeous Winery inspired Tablescapes were infused with rich reds, blushes, and vintage touches you may find at an actual vineyard.  Beautifully thought out, these candlelit ideas are nothing short of romantic.
Texture was also an eye catcher among all the rustic appeal. Layered bouquets toss the round dome right out the window, and what bride wouldn’t love these organic touches?