Bow-Dazzled Christmas Pinterest Party

Put your Pins to use this Christmas, and gather your girlfriends for a Bow-Dazzlin’ Party! If you have an upcoming Cookie Party or Ugly Sweater Party to attend this Holiday Season, take note from our Pinterest Party and go for the bows! We had a blast making this Christmas Craft, and wore our creations to a Cookie Party for fun!

Here is what you will need to make your Bow-Dazzled Dress:

  • An old Christmas Dress or Skirt that you wouldn’t mind either hot gluing or safety pinning items on.
  • Christmas Gift Bows
  • Tinsel (optional for belt or extra sparkle)
  • Hot Glue Gun (optional)
  • Small Safety Pins
  • Scissors
  • Bottle of Wine to share!


  • Before you start pinning or gluing your bows on your dress, place the bows on your dress and create a pattern or design you like!


  • After you have chosen all the bows you’d like to use, carefully dab a small dollup of hot glue on the back of the bow, and lightly press the bow on your dress.


    • If you are going to Safety Pin the bows on, use your Scissors and carefully wedge the blade behind the staple on the bow. This allows for a little more room and secures your Safety Pin to the bow, and then pin the the bow to your dress.
    • If you use Tinsel to create a design, you can either hot glue or safety pin the tinsel to your dress.
    • You can also create a belt of Tinsel to complete your look!


  • Play Christmas Music and Have Fun with your own Pinterest Crafting Party!



Retro Christmas Party

We started off the Holiday Season with a Retro Christmas Party this past weekend, and it was a swanky success! From the tinsel on the tree to the dreamy Sugar Plum Room with a Nutcracker Bartender to boot, everyone had a twinkle in their eye.

With a 14′ Christmas Tree and thousands of twinkle lights, there were sights to be seen in every corner. The best part of the Holidays is gathering your friends and family, having a toddy, and regaling tales in front of the fire. We served up one Naughty Grinch Cocktail and a Non-Alcoholic Berry Nice Punch, which complimented all the sweet and savory treats!

Start planning your Christmas Party now with these sparkling ideas, and remember you can never have too many lights! From our Family to Yours, we wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Christmas Tree-Darcy Oliver Design
Christmas Decor-Darcy Oliver Design
christmas tree, lights-Darcy Oliver Design
Christmas Town-Darcy Oliver Design
Sugar Plum Room-Darcy Oliver Design
Retro Christmas Party-Darcy Oliver Design
Dessert Table, sweets-Darcy Oliver Design
Party Desserts-Darcy Oliver Design
Nutcracker, Grinch Punch-Darcy Oliver Design
Retro Christmas Party-Darcy Oliver Design for Brides & Gifts!

We were recently featured on’s Blog as a Bride!  The White Flurry Pouf was a perfect match to my Justin Alexander Gown, which had ostrich feathers sewn under the tufts of tulle.  The ostrich hair pouf was so magical and flowed with every move I made. has some of the most perfect accessories to help make your day magical as well!  Here are a few of my faves that make for perfect holiday gifts too.  They still offer an Ostrich pouf in this beautiful Blush as well as Mint, Hot Pink, and Charcoal.  Add this piece to your hair or go for something that sparkles like this Crystal Swirl Bobbi if you are going for a vintage look.  Whether your hair is in an up do or not, try a head wrap. The Double Trouble Head Wrap in Nude/Rose will definitely help you catch attention in this little number.

Holidays or not, these shoe clips would accent any solid colored shoe you wore for your wedding day or Christmas Party!  The hearts and bows are my favorite, and I love how they shimmer in Gold! This sequin Boom Boom Flower Comb comes in Gold, Rose Gold, Hot Pink, and Midnight. Whether you want a unique or fun holiday look, these shiny baubles from will top off your look with perfection!, accessories-Darcy Oliver Design, wedding-Darcy Oliver Design

Cleopatra Makeup Inspired by Liz Taylor

Halloween is just around the corner, and this year for our Halloween Party I was Cleopatra inspired by the gorgeous Liz Taylor.  When this film came out, it was a BIG DEAL!  Liz Taylor’s makeup as Cleopatra inspired the runway in the 60’s, and continues to inspire the runway today.  If you are going to be Cleopatra this Halloween, you must attempt Liz Taylor’s Cleo look!  Easier than it looks, here are the Products and Tips that I used to transform into Liz’s Cleo Look!


I loved the eye-catching Blue Eyeshadow highlighted with Gold Glitter that made her lids sparkle! The Egyptian Eyeliner was going to be a challenge, but the opened arrow looked so awesome, I had to give it a try!

Here are the makeup selections I used to get the Cleo Look, and one thing I do not have in the mix is Surgical/Medical Tape that is skin safe. Why you ask?  A sharp line is crucial for the open arrow Egyptian Eyeliner.  I have the Surgical Tape on a dispenser, which is often mistaken for Scotch Tape in my house… Tear off a couple of inches and place the tape near your temple at an angle from the outside corner of eye to the end of your eyebrow.  You can practice where to place the tape by taking your eyeshadow brush handle from the outside corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow.  You will use the tape as a guide with the Stila Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil, from the outside corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow.  Carefully lift the tape and move it down to create an arrow/pie shaped space between your first line.  Draw another line along the tape, and connect the two lines at the top.  Don’t be afraid to get the eyeliner on the tape, that’s the point!

Cleopatra Makeup

The Blue Eyeshadow I used is Kat Von D’s, and I always dip my eyeshadow brush in the water to make the pigment really pop, and it lasts longer as well.  Use a Gold Glitter Eyeliner and dab on the gold glitter on your lids and let dry.  Use Stila’s Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen on your lids for a precise line, and the soft Pencil to create the winged line and on your waterline as well.  I love Sephora’s Eyelashes that accentuate the outside corner of your eye and your Cleo Eyeliner!  To make your eyes pop and to get that Cleo Glow, NARS Concealer is amazing!  If you highlight from your temples to a triangle under your eyes, any dark circles or bags will recede from view and you will glow, darling!  Highlight the inner corner of your eye, just a dab above your upper lip, and a smidge on your chin.  Blend and Blend.  Use a sultry bronzer on the hollows of your cheeks, and a deep blush on top of your cheek bones to your hairline.  Give your pout some lovin with MAC’s creamy nude lipstick, and ta-da! you are Cleo Ready!



Haunted Halloween Party Decor

Last night we had a successful Halloween Party after we transformed my sister’s home into a Haunted House!  The main key was not only creativity, but lighting was crucial for optimal spookiness!

Between the black lights, strobes, and colored bulbs, you can’t go wrong.  We sectioned off areas for one colored bulb to shine, and set the strobes on main attractions.  Don’t forget your ghosts and ghouls, cover everything with spiderwebs, and voila Haunted House success.

DIY Lady Gaga Meat Dress Costume

In honor of my little sister’s birthday and our crazy love for Halloween, this DIY Lady Gaga Meat Dress Costume was fun to make and a major hit downtown Nashville for some Halloween fun!  You will definitely get some looks wearing this fresh meat ensemble.

We watched a DIY Video Tutorial, and a couple notes about the fabric you can purchase from Joann’s:

  1. We didn’t find that Mummy Blood Fabric, but look for any marbleized fabric, plus a red fabric to throw into the mix!
  2. Don’t be afraid to tear the fabric, rip it!
  3. We didn’t have a mannequin bodice, so your sister works just fine…just remember she isn’t a pin cushion!
  4. Have fun making your own creation, and remember….if you use your sister, remember she will have to be able to take the costume off, so don’t sew her into it until HALLOWEEN!


Here is the DIY Video Tutorial we watched!

DIY Chicken Wire Ghost

We have all seen this infamous Chicken Wire Ghost on Pinterest, but we did not find an easy DIY tutorial.  Seems like these Chicken Wire masters are keeping their secret safe in the coop.  We created a little spin off on the Chicken Wire Dress, and made a Chicken Wire & Mesh Ghost Bride.

Here’s our DIY Version, and it is all about trial and error (and your chicken wire pinching skills!)

  1. With one roll of Chicken Wire, unravel and unroll completely and decide on one end to be the bottom (keep the long wire that held the roll together and keep nearby).
  2. Create one large circle and turn upright.
  3. With wire cutters, cut about a 4″ piece of the long extra wire.
  4. Cut several pieces of this 4″ wire, and begin to tie the large tube of chicken wire together.
  5. Begin to create “pleats” at the top of the upright cylinder, while interweaving the long wire at the top.
  6. You will begin to create the skirt of the dress, and you will cinch the pleats together with the string.
  7. Cinch the waist as tight as possible, and bend in the pleats to make a circular waist.
  8. Twist the excess wire to hold the waist in place, and cut the remainder with wire cutters.
  9. You will then begin to mold the chicken wire, pushing and pulling at the skirt to create a circle and pleats, while pinching pleats down the skirt.
  10. With one roll of screen mesh, create another cylinder at the top of the skirt.
  11. Cut off the excess, and fold your piece of screen mesh in half.
  12. With the excess wire, lace up the back to create a freestanding cylinder.
  13. Pick up your skirt and place over the screen mesh cylinder.
  14. Reach through the hole and pull up the screen mesh to create the bodice.
  15. Move the bodice around, and pull up high enough to create the torso with the least amount of pleats possible.
  16. You can secure the bodice with extra pieces of wire, or fishing line.
  17. We added a flower to her waist, and found a left over scrap white material to add to the train of the skirt, and tied at waist.
  18. Add a flower, but before you add the material, spray paint the entire dress white with a can of white spray paint.
  19. Let the paint dry, and spray the dress with a can of Glow in the Dark spray paint (found at Michael’s).
  20. Lightly spray the skirt with the Glow in the Dark Spray paint as well.
  21. Let dry, add the skirt, and poof! your ghost bride is ready to haunt your lawn!!!